RK Furs is owned and operated by David Schaefer a second generation furrier. David’s father Karl Schaefer was born in Germany and learned his trade from some of Germany’s finest furriers. Generations worth of information was handed down to Karl Schafer while in Frankfurt.
Proper Fur storage is probably the single most important factor in getting the most longevity from your garment. When winter is over you should not hang your fur in the closet, basement, attic or cedar closet, this can damage your coat. As the weather changes, so does the humidity and temperature.
Our professional staff has one purpose; that is to exceed your expectations from the moment you first walk through our front door. Every RK Furs employee is dedicated to forming an ongoing relationship with our customers.
Of all the clothing purchases made in a lifetime nothing lasts as long or continues to look as good as a well-kept fur. Just as people adapt to change, so can fur. With the right furrier, any fur can maintain its luster through the varied phases of life. As you or clothing styles change your garment may require some alterations.
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Nanticoke Pa. 18634